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We’re slayers, girlfriend. The chosen two.

top fifty episodes || buffy the vampire slayer 
 27. Living Conditions

a game of ladies: shae
"I stopped being a child when I was nine. My mother made sure of that."

damon said something, didn’t he? he likes to play games and cause trouble. 


It was not her father’s kisses nor his hoarse words that made her eyes glisten, but the effort that brought him to his feet, his legs trembling under him, his joints swollen and inflamed with gout. Standing was an act of love. Standing was an act of faith.

Inspired by this post.

Mary being her usual touchy wife.


that’s so cute, you’re like a really sweet, old agoraphobic couple.

We get to start over, all of us. With each other.


Theon Greyjoy → for the Drowned God chriszack

missbunnylunaThirty-one Days of HalloweenThe Addams Family

                      ↳ Morticia Addams + Excellent Parenting Skills

a good heart. i have a good heart  (for hannah)

I knew Bonnie would show up […] I guess that’s just how you two show your love.

Proud wife and brother (✿◠‿◠)